December 7, 2023

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Dead, Red "Ibis Boulder" to Naturalis Science

Dead, Red “Ibis Boulder” to Naturalis Science

Bright scarlet ibis was seen last week Found dead at sea, is Naturalis. This was reported by the Museum in Leiden. There the bird, which is found in the wild mainly in South America, is being prepared for scientific research.

NH News/Mike Boulder

28-year-old Jos van Duin of Egmond aan Zee found the scarlet ibis, a relative of the spoonbill, by accident while windsurfing. Gus brought the dead ibis to the Cromini Wildlife Refuge, which in turn donated it to Naturalis.

The possibility that it is related to the tropical bird in which hundreds of people participated, especially last year Came to Egmund Boulder, it looks very small. People who photographed the bird at the time told NH News that the ibis wore a green ring, while that bird’s ring was red.


Naturalis will not add the ibis to the museum’s collection, because the ibis is already on display in the museum. The bird should be available for scientific research. “When scientists want to know more about the ibis, they can contact us,” says chief science officer Bart Brown. “For example, they might wonder if this ibis is different from other ibis, what kinds of parasites can be found in ibis and whether their beaks get shorter over the years.”

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“We remove the organs. At the end only the skull and the outer part with feathers and legs: a kind of hand puppet.”

Bart Brown (Science Officer Naturalis)

In order to properly store the ibis, it is prepared or blown. “We’d probably choose the last option,” Brown says. “When you raise your voice, you remove all the organs. In fact, you only have the outer part with the feathers, the skull with the beak and the legs. Then you become a kind of hand puppet.” This makes it possible to store the bird much longer than if it was prepared.

There’s still a little “but,” says Brown. “This ibis has a ring on its leg and therefore has almost certainly escaped from a private zoo. Next week we will have an animal sanctuary Leyderdorp to check if the bird is uprooted. It is also possible that the original owner wants the animal back.” The science official doesn’t expect: ‘If a person should have reported much earlier anyway’.

Watch the video below as windsurfer Jos van Duin of Egmond aan Zee tells how he found the ibis, the text continues below the video:

Daughter Blossom is fascinated by the brightly colored monster – NH Nieuws

Spotted in several places

The scarlet ibis was seen in several places in northern Holland last year: Recently along the A7 In the Burmeirend and last winter in the swamps of Egmund an den Hof. Also in 2019, a scarlet ibis flew through the window of a classroom in a school in Yemen.

And this is amazing, because in the wild the scarlet ibis occurs in the coastal regions of northern South America: in Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador to Brazil, along the entire northeastern coast of the Amazon.

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