July 21, 2024

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Deathbound, the first party-based Soulslike game, is coming August 8

Deathbound, the first party-based Soulslike game, is coming August 8

I think you play spiritual games, especially in single player. Although I immediately think of Remnant 1 and 2 which we played in co-op. But if the makers of Deathbound say so themselves, they’ll be the first.

Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio announce that Deathbound, the dynamic single-player soul-based game, will launch on August 8 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Deathbound is a party-based soul game set in a harsh world where faith and science collide, and you cannot survive alone. Instead, you must reject death and embrace Ziêminal by bonding with the fallen warriors along your journey.

Use the dynamic 4-hero party system and seamlessly switch between characters as you battle for survival. Success depends on working together with your companions, each with their own unique skills, fighting styles, and backstory.


The blanket of old age from Bragalicious, but certainly no less delicious than the young crew members. As a little boy, he wanted to buy a console, but his father wouldn’t let him. So he said the famous words: “When I grow up, I’ll buy everything myself.” As a young boy, he was a regular at the seaside parks and at the fair in his shorts, white socks and sandals. I became fascinated by Snake and Pong, and soon moved on to Quake, Hexen, Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Delta Force. But the big changes in the rules of the game were Quake 3 Arena (1999) and Unreal Tournament (1999). By the way, Braga claims to be the illegitimate (or should we say alien) son of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. We’ll leave him in his faith… (or give him his medicine in due time)
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