June 9, 2023

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Defending champion statement: Ostend makes mince for giants in Final Two | Basketball

In the final of the Belgian BNXT Championship, Ostend lost her back in the first game. And how: The defending champion made firewood from rivals Antwerp Giants for his own people.

National Finalist (Top 5)

Antwerp – Ostend 1-1
Antwerp giants Ostend 63-62
Ostend Antwerp giants 94-60
Antwerp giants Ostend 5/25
Ostend Antwerp giants 5/27
Antwerp giants Ostend 5/29 (maybe)

  1. 23 hours 30. Full report Ostend – Antwerp Giants.

    Extensive report on giants Ostend – Antwerp

  2. 22h 33. We had a difficult start and we couldn’t get into the match after that. We were in a downward spiral. We’re starting from scratch again. We haven’t lost anything, but we must recover. . Quentin Smoot (Antwerp Giants).
  3. 22 hours 32. This was a complete achievement, even though Antwerp had a lot of absentees. Lead does not matter. 1-1, that’s it. That we win there? We were really close on Sunday. We know what to do. Simon Boys (Ostend).
  4. 10:00 p.m. 11. Ostend brings out the steam engine. Ostend put the finishing touches on the second leg of the Belgian title final. The champion smashed the Antwerp Giants in his room: 94-60. It was clear from the start that the reigning champions were out for revenge after losing narrowly at Lotto Arena. At the COREtec whirlpool in Ostend, the home team took a strong lead after a nice start from the visitors. The Coast quickly put a ten-point gap on the board and extended their lead in the second quarter, as the Giants escaped thanks to the grace of former Ostend player Jean-Marc Moyema. He unleashed his demons with six first-half 3-pointers and almost single-handedly ensured his team would get another chance in the first half: 44-36. But while Ostend continued its momentum in the second half, the giants came to a complete halt. The visitors were put up 26-9 going into the third quarter and were unable to recover from that blow. Coach Skillen threw in the towel early on and let the starting pawns rest. Ostend had no mercy on the youth of Antwerp, but courted the century. It didn’t happen, but the 94-60 was enough as an expression: you never finished Ostend. The final will continue on Thursday with the third game. Then the Giants could play for their people again. Whoever wins 3x first is the champion. .
  5. 10 pm 10. Ostend – Antwerp 94-60 (first half: 44-36). Quarters: 26-19, 18-17, 26-9, 24-15 Top Shooter Ostend: Buysschaert 14, Thurman 14, Tyree 14 Top Shooter Antwerp: Mwema 21, Marinkovic 12, Van Cleemput 7.
  6. 23-05-2023.
  7. 10:00 p.m. 18. Game 1: Antwerp Giants – Ostend 63-62. Quarterfinals: 16-15, 17-19, 11-11, 19-17 Giants top scorers: Bradford 13, Anderson 12, Marinkovic 12 Ostend top scorers: Tyre 19, Van der Voorst 9, Blegenberg 8.
  8. 10 pm 14. Report Antwerp Giants – Ostend.

    Giants report Antwerp – Ostend

  9. 21:58 Antwerp Giants take game one after action: 63-62. The Antwerp Giants never missed their start to the playoffs. In the Lotto Arena, the Giants and Ostend were evenly matched throughout the match. Although the visitors suddenly held a seven-point lead in the third quarter. However, under strong motivation from Thijs De Ridder (11 points and 5 rebounds), Antwerp fought back in the match. In the fourth and final quarter, the home team finally took a 63-62 lead, after which Van der Voorst hit Ostend’s winning shot on the ring. The second match is scheduled for Tuesday on the coast. .
  10. 11:52 a.m.
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