June 2, 2023

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Defense Minister Doesn’t Want Finland to Send Hornet Fighters to Ukraine: “We Need It Ourselves” | outside

look. These are the Hornet fighter jets in question

“My position as Finland’s Defense Minister is that we need Hornets to secure our country,” said Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kakkonen. “I am negative about the idea of ​​donating them for years to come. Looking further, I think they will gradually wear out and have little use value,” Kaikkonen said at a news conference in Helsinki.

Finland will replace its aging Hornet fleet with the F-35s it ordered in 2021, but delivery of the first new aircraft will take another two to three years. Kakunin said the country plans to provide other military equipment to Ukraine, including three additional Leopard 2 aircraft.

The possibility of Finland donating warplanes to Ukraine to help fight the Russian invasion was raised during the recent trip to Kiev by Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. There she met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Kakkunen said Ukraine had contacted Finland to discuss the possibility of Finland donating some Hornets.

look. Poland is the first country to send four combat aircraft to Ukraine

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