February 6, 2023

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Deliveroo reveals the 20 most popular orders of 2021: ...

Deliveroo reveals the 20 most popular orders of 2021: …

The Sweet Chicken Bowl from Ghent’s Hawaiian Poke Bowl was the most dropped in the Deliveroo basket last year. Pokeball is salad-style sushi, to put it simply. A standard bowl consists of rice, raw fish, avocado, and toppings, but you can vary it as often as you like. The base can also be lettuce or quinoa and you can combine it with chicken or tofu. The sweet chicken dish contains grilled chicken, guacamole, corn, cherry tomatoes, mango and feta cheese. Hawaiian Poke Bowl is a chain with locations in Ghent, Mechelen, Leuven, Antwerp, Bruges, Kortrijk, Hasselt and Turnhout.

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Number one for 2020 dropped to seventh this year. Moreover, burgers and fries can be found in the top 20 Belgian restaurants. The first menu from Antwerp is the most immediately striking. This year, Antwerp residents have often asked for a Jupiler can.

1. Sweet Chicken Bowl – Hawaiian Poké Bowl in Gent

2. Smoked chicken with spices – Baladi Tannoor, Brussels

3. Big Mac® McMenu® – McDonald’s in Brussels

4. Make your own bowl – Surfside Poké in Luik

5. Empire Cheeseburger – Manhattan in Brussels

6. Jupiler beer (33 cl) – Carrefour in Antwerp

7. Medium Spaghetti Kastart – Kastart in Ghent

8. The Menu Combo – Spratchet Burger in Liege

9. Margherita – Neapolitan Education in Brussels

10. Pain au Chococolat – Renard Bakery in Brussels

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11. Addictive Fries – Pesty Burger at Mechelen

12. Julientje – Frituur Frans Hooiaard in Ghent

13. Make your own burger – Five Guys in Antwerp

14. Large – French Tacos in Kortrijk

15. Durum (your choice) – Bodrum Snack in Brussels

16. Boca – Boca Recoletinelli in Ghent

17. The Giant – Fast in Brussels

18. Tomato – Souplounge in Ghent

19. Menu Ross – Beef in Loic

20. Build your own – Fitchen’s Gent