July 22, 2024

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Delta Force: Hawk Ops features the first Black Hawk Down

Delta Force: Hawk Ops features the first Black Hawk Down

For the first time we were able to see the gameplay of a game The black hawk has fallen Single player campaign mode Delta Force: Hawk Ops. This campaign is based on the movie Black Hawk Down and promises to immerse players in intense action.

Black Hawk Down gameplay is in Part 2 of the demo below. The first part showcases some of the Extraction mode, which consists of separate missions with clear objectives. The game also has a multiplayer mode.

Delta Force is sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia in many players, but in the new game there seems to be little left of the atmosphere that the series used to bring. Instead, it all feels more generic and in line with shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Perhaps this is not surprising, knowing that the new Delta Force game is being developed by TiMi Studios, which is owned by the Chinese company Tencent, also known for Call of Duty Mobile.

If all goes well, Delta Force: Hawk Ops will be released this year as a free-to-play game on PC, consoles and mobile phones. An exact release date has yet to be determined, but alpha testing for PC will launch in July.

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