May 29, 2023

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Dendoncker's genus describes its anxious attack for the first time...

Dendoncker’s genus describes its anxious attack for the first time…

“There was one morning when I woke up and almost couldn’t get out of bed,” Dendoncker says. “I was crying, my girlfriend had to help me get out of bed. I couldn’t shower, physically I was completely stuck up. And I didn’t stop crying. Then we said: Well, something happened. Fear has grown to such an extent that it mortgages my life.”

“Specifically, I’ve taken a tremendous amount of pressure on my chest,” he continues. “I cut my breath exactly. There is an obsession that does not leave, grabs you by the nape. It feels so bad, because it feels like you have completely lost control of your body. Although there will also be people who will describe their anxiety attack differently. This is personal to me. It has a side So paralyzed, nothing is working yet. You feel so heavy, they are tying you to your bed or to your seat.”

Without warning, suddenly, suddenly

To get back to himself, Dendoncker tried to sit somewhere. “My hand on the floor, until it made contact with the ground. Then I tried to count up to ten or twenty. To push that thought back. I also started to pay attention to my breath. It also helped.”

The comedian continues to say that it is difficult for him to identify a concrete cause for his fears. This is the problem, too. There is really no concrete reason. In itself I had a very good life: a job I loved, love, a home. In my own context it is very difficult to say: This and that caused depression. I think it’s clearer with some people, but not with me. It’s been a little Without warning, suddenly, suddenly. “

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Dendoncker was admitted for about three months, from November 2020 to the end of January, and the beginning of February 2021. “Under intense supervision, both group therapy and individual therapy. At first I couldn’t believe it myself, for the first week I was still in denial. I also felt completely fine after that, after that morning I pulled myself together again. But when it all started to sink in, I calmed down on one hand and panicked again on the other. Then I felt: Well, that’s what I’m here for.


“It was not easy, because you are constantly thinking about the home front. My love who has to do everything alone. At the same time, try to keep in mind as much as possible: I need to fix this so I can be my old self again. That’s the goal, even if it means being away from home for months.”

Dendoncker himself announced via Instagram that he’s signed up. “Primarily to make it clear to people with the same issues, fears, or depression that they shouldn’t feel taboo or hesitant to share it. I thought: If I did, I might convince someone to talk to the professionals. Because you can’t wait that long.”

silver edge

Dendoncker speaks from experience. “The fact that I put it off just shows how unwilling I am. How unprepared I was to face panic attacks, with such depression in general. It always catches you in the bad times. I guess I’ve been thinking for a long time: If you ignore it, it will disappear. But it doesn’t help you move forward, because then you’ll get it doubly and heavy later. So: don’t try to block out those signals and listen very carefully. “

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Now that things have gradually improved, the comedian is seeing a silver lining in the dark months in the distance. When Terryn asks if there is comedy in everything he’s been through, he answers positively. “There is comedy in everything, including what I went through. But it will be some time before I am told that way.”