December 8, 2023

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Denis Villeneuve doubts whether his "Dune" has worked

Denis Villeneuve doubts whether his “Dune” has worked

Denis Villeneuve He has taken on a particularly difficult task, which is to photograph Dune Written by Frank Herbert. Two previous attempts (from David Lynch employment Alejandro Jodorowsky) certainly did not work.

from receipt Dune It turns out that many can appreciate Villeneuve’s film, despite the fact that the film is somewhat like a whole story. This isn’t too strange, because the movie misses about half of the story. Remarkably, Villeneuve is not sure if he succeeded in his film.

Success or failure?
During the next broadcast Happy Sad Confused, Villeneuve said he wasn’t entirely sure if he had succeeded in turning Herbert’s book into a movie.

“If I were talking to Lynch, I’d rather talk to him about painting than about Dion. I don’t expect to have the opportunity to share the experience,” Villeneuve started talking about a possible conversation with Lynch who also works as an artist.

“I don’t know if I succeeded. I’m very close to the movie I made and I’m proud of the movie. But it’s up to other people to judge. For me it’s all about the outcome and the process.”

In this regard, Villeneuve clearly believes that he succeeded. The movie is already in cinemas.

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