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Denmark, despite the lack of opportunities and the canceled goal Skov Olsen, did not overtake Tunisia |  World Cup 2022

Denmark, despite the lack of opportunities and the canceled goal Skov Olsen, did not overtake Tunisia | World Cup 2022

A day full of surprises. After Argentina, outsider Denmark also failed to win their opening match. The Scandinavians did not score against Tunisia. However, the Danes had a few good chances, but the efficiency was lacking. Club striker Skov Olsen saw a disallowed goal.

Denmark – Tunisia in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: With twenty minutes left, Denmark are closing in at 1-0. The first Dahamin hit a nice long shot from Eriksen and in the next corner kick Cornelius misses a great chance. The substitute heads from close range hit the post.
  • man of the match Ayman Dahmin played a crucial role for Tunisia today. The goalkeeper was only in the shooting booth, but he was on time when he had to. He scored a point for the Tunisians with some crucial saves.
  • noticeable: On the third day of the World Cup, the first 0-0 match was a reality. The Danes also scored the first 0-0 goals in the previous World Cup, then against France. Moreover, Denmark-Tunisia is also the first match in this tournament that does not exceed 100 minutes.

Schmeichel keeps Denmark afloat

It became clear after a few minutes that Tunisia was not going to be a piece of cake for Denmark. The African team started on their own strength and made it very difficult for the Danes in the opening phase. The first danger on goal also came from the African team, as a deflected shot by Drauger didn’t go that far.

Due to high pressure from aggressive Tunisia, Denmark came out attacking but tough in a chaotic first half. There was no danger to the target. Jebali, who had broken through, was rightly denied offside, and Dahmen had no problem with Hojbjerg’s long shot.

The same Hojbjerg was pushed by Laidouni in the penalty area shortly before the end of the first half, but the ball did not reach the point. A few minutes later, Schmeichel saved Denmark, who, by a wonderful coincidence, were on the other side. Jebali came offside only for the goalkeeper, but he managed to touch the mark pretty enough.

A goal disallowed by Skov Olsen, leaves Cornelius 1-0

Fierceness and aggression were code words for Tunisia in the first half and after the break the team immediately took off. After Skov Olsen lost the ball, Aidouni turned on his turbo. It was only just beginning to fade into the Truth Zone and Christensen who lunged with it was able to scuttle a great opportunity.

Denmark soon took the lead. Skov Olsen managed to open the score, but the goal of the Club Brugge player was rightfully denied by Damsgaard for offside. Tunisia had a difficult time and should be grateful to goalkeeper Dahmine. And with a wonderful save, he blocked a dangerous header from Dolberg.

Twenty minutes before the end, the Tunisian goalkeeper again distinguished himself with a long shot from Eriksen. The ensuing corner gave Denmark an opportunity, with Christensen firing the ball to Cornelius, but the substitute hit the post from close range.

In overtime, Lindström was unable to beat Dahm with a surprisingly wide margin. It was also hot when referee Ramos had to check Maria’s hands, but the ball did not reach the Danes’ place. They missed their start with a goalless draw, for Tunisia won another point.

  1. Second half, 98th minute. The end. First 0-0 World Cup That’s a fact. Denmark gnaws its fangs in Tunisia paid in particular. Schmeichel saved the Danes from falling behind shortly before half-time, after the break, Dahmen kept Tunisia afloat with some crucial saves. Cornelius headed the Danes’ best chance against Al-Qaim. .
  2. Second half, 98th minute, the game is over
  3. Second half, 96th minute. Denmark keeps the tension going with a corner kick at the end. Eriksen finds Cornelius’ head, but he can’t go straight. Dahmin catches the ball. .
  4. Second half, 95th minute. Still biting the nail for Tunisia.

    Still biting the nail for Tunisia

  5. No penalty. He is still biting the nail for Tunisia when ref Ramos is called up to screen for a potential hands-on from Maria in a Danish corner. The photos also show hands, albeit unintentionally. This is how Ramos sees it, the ball does not hit the spot. . Second half, 94th minute.
  6. Second half, 93rd minute. Lindström almost surprises Dahmen. Lindstrom almost guarantees Denmark victory with a surprise try. He sees Dahmen standing a little further from his goal and takes his chance, but the goalkeeper saves just in time. .
  7. Second half, 90th minute. 5 extra minutes. The match did not stop much in the second half. However, we add 5 minutes. .
  8. Second half, 89th minute. A point against Denmark is a point won by Tunisia. They’ve already signed up for it. Flores Gerts.
  9. Second half, minute 88. Substitution on Tunisia, Ferjani Sassi Dakhil, and Issa Lidouni
  10. Second half, minute 88. Substitution for Tunisia, Wajdi Kachrida in, and Mohamed Drager out
  11. Second half, 87th minute. Two more substitutes for Tunisia. A particularly driven Dräger and Laidouni are pulled aside for Kechrida and Sassi. .
  12. The second half, minute 86. Yellow for Al-Khenissi. Al-Khenisi arrived very late with his intervention and did not touch the ball. She turns it yellow. .
  13. The yellow card for Tunisian player Taha El-Khenissi during the second half, 86th minute
  14. Second half, 85th minute. First 0-0? time is running out. Are we on our way to the first 0-0 in the World Cup or is it the sting in the tail? .
  15. The second half, minute 80. Substitution for Tunisia, Taha Al-Khunisi inside, Issam Al-Jabali out
  16. Second half, 80th minute. Double substitution. National coach Kadri has thrown some new forces into the fray with Tunisia. Mejbri and Khenissi join the squad ahead of Jebali and Msakni. .
  17. Second half, minute 80. Substitution for Tunisia, Hannibal Al-Majbri inside, and Youssef Msakni
  18. Yellow card for Matthias Jensen of Denmark during the second half, minute 78
  19. Second half, 78th minute. Yellow for Jensen. Jensen comes down slate. Referee Ramos does not hesitate and withdraws his yellow card. .
  20. Second half, 72nd minute. Tunisia claims a penalty after a shot hit Andersen’s hand.

    Tunisia demands a penalty kick after passing a ball at the hands of Andersen

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