November 30, 2022

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Denmark today received Corona measures at sea (despite the high infection rate) |  Instagram news VTM

Denmark today received Corona measures at sea (despite the high infection rate) | Instagram news VTM

From now on, there will be no corona measures in Denmark. The government has decided, among other things, to cancel the mouth mask and Corona Safe Ticket commitment from February 1, despite the high level of pollution in the country. Denmark has the highest number of new infections per day in the entire European Union, but the peak of the omicron wave appears to be over there and there is little pressure on hospitals. Thanks to the high vaccination rate.

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The cancellation of the Corona measures comes because the government no longer classifies the Corona pandemic as a “danger to society.” This designation enabled the Danish government to take far-reaching measures.

In addition to canceling the Corona Safe Ticket and the mouth mask commitment, large-scale events and nightclubs can also open their doors unimpeded again.


However, it is still necessary for travelers who wish to enter Denmark to present a certificate of vaccination. In addition, hospitals and residential care centers are still advised to make visitors wear mouth masks and use a Covid Safe ticket.

“We have reached the end of a critical phase,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced last week. “Denmark will be fully open again from 1 February. We are ready to step out of the shadow of coronavirus, say goodbye to restrictions and ‘hello’ to the life we ​​knew before.”

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The lifting of measures comes at a time when Denmark is recording between 33,000 and 47,000 new infections per day – a number much higher than before, due to the high rate of omicron contamination. However, the high infection rate does not put much pressure on hospitals. This is due to the high vaccination rate in the Scandinavian country.

Denmark already removed all Corona measures in September, but then had to gradually re-implement them when the number of infections increased rapidly.

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