February 1, 2023

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Dennis Kirkoff’s first self-written song


DINXPERLO – After 25 years of singing on stage as a semi-professional, Dinxperlose Denise Kerkhof is now releasing her first self-written song. On Friday evening December 30th, the song “Samen Vrij” will be played for the first time by Dinxper FM. This will happen in a festive way at Noaberz on the Kulturhus in Dinxperlo, where Dinxper FM will be broadcasting that evening. They will play Denise’s song for the first time here and at the same time the accompanying video will be shown in the room. The evening starts at 8 pm and is open to all.

By Daniel Golink

When Denise enters the room, it instantly fills the room with her positive energy. She radiates from all sides and clearly wants her story to be told and her song to be heard. When the coffee lasts, her number sparkles in her box and the beautiful pure sentences touch me instantly.
Denise wrote the song entirely from how she felt, as she says a little later in the interview, “You can hear it and feel it.”
Denise started singing when she was fifteen years old. She started out as a singer with the cover band Charing X, worked with her sister on an album in Germany, which unfortunately never took off, and was a singer with the cover band Plebz for over ten years.

“During the Corona period, I wanted to work remotely with another singer, but it was difficult to achieve this. That is why I only started singing songs and then posting them on social media,” Dennis says.
“I had to get out of my comfort zone for this,” Dennis continues. “I sing a song in front of the camera, accompanying myself on the guitar. Still, the enthusiastic feedback encouraged me to keep going. Because I taught myself to play the guitar, I can play a lot of songs with basic chords, but not all. Fortunately, then I discovered an app.” Smule. With the help of this app, I was also able to sing songs that I couldn’t play the guitar myself. In this way, I posted a total of eighty songs on social media in 72 days during the lockdown.”

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“Since 2017 I started writing my own songs. I trained as a coach with Erna Rensen and thus did a lot of self-development. I deleted the feelings that came out of me and in this way I wrote eight songs. Some are in English and some are in Dutch. “Together Free” is a really special song for me. Lee. While writing this song, I really came back to myself and from how I felt in that moment, I wrote “Together Free”. The result is a pure song that I think can be interpreted by anyone who listens to their feelings.”

Denise was regularly asked to post her private number. She found this very exciting, but eventually decided to post “Free Together” on social media. The feedback is positive and soon after she is contacted by Joost Rabin, the keyboardist and vocalist of the band Hike. He thought it was a beautiful song and thought he could hear a lot of music in it. He began editing the song, with Dennis’ approval.
“A week later, Ghost sent me the number again,” says Denise. “When I played the song it affected me hugely, it turned out exactly as I imagined it. Then I contacted Daan Jolink. He played as a guitarist with Plebz and became a good friend of mine. So it was clear to me that the guitar playing should be included in my song. I completely trust Daan and he has It gave him a free hand with regard to the guitar parts.”

Once the song was finished, another friend pointed out to me that he thought it should also include a video, and pointed me to Ramona Leemkuil. At first I thought that was a bridge too far, but after thinking about it for a while I still connected with Ramona. She was immediately excited Very. She’d never made a music video before, but that was always on her wish list. So lovely how everything seems to come together over and over again in the process of this song. Ramona herself thought it was very exciting, but I trusted her completely. Ramona always knows how to capture people exactly as they are with her camera and now she’s done exactly the same with my video.I’m really proud of how the clip turned out.Everything is just right.The atmosphere and chemistry appears on screen just as it did in real life It was so much fun to do. What makes the clip so special is that my son Jenzi also plays a part in it, so it’s very special to be able to do that with him.”

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“Free Together” is performed on the evening of Friday, December 30th. By their own request, Dinxper Fm will be playing “Samen Vrij” for the first time this evening from Noaberz Hall. The video clip will also be shown here for the first time.
It will be a fun evening of music as Denise, Dan and Evert Struitt will perform live music, and Denise will treat the audience to the acoustic version of her song.
Admission is free and the evening starts at 20:00 and ends at 22:00. “Everyone is invited to come this evening and I really like it if the room is full of many people. So I hope to have a very nice evening with a good turnout, ”concludes Denise.