July 16, 2024

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Design tool Figma disables AI functionality after completely copying iPhone weather app

Design tool Figma disables AI functionality after completely copying iPhone weather app

The Figma design tool has an AI function that conjures up a complete design on command. But it wasn’t really original, in fact it looked like plagiarism.

AI can generate text and images that look original. It is never completely original, because it remains a kind of remix of the training material that was “fed” to the AI. Obviously, this amount of material was very small in the AI ​​function of the Figma design program. Because when users asked to design a weather app, one of them came up with Straight copy From the weather app on your iPhone. Not once, but three times.

The discovery is widely praised: Figma disabled the AI ​​problem-solving function. But Dylan Field, Figma’s CEO, immediately denies plagiarism. “Make Design was not trained on Figma content, community files, or app designs. In other words, the claims that these two functions were trained on data are false,” The field said About the tweet that the similarity between weather apps is a complete coincidence.

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According to Field, the problem of potentially having too few variables is a seemingly solvable one. And as is often the case with AI, haste also seems to be a factor here: Companies can’t wait to roll out AI functionality, even if bugs become apparent again and again within a few hours. “The feature will now be disabled until we can support it again,” the CEO wrote.

However, Figma still excels when it comes to completely copying Apple’s design. This is due to the presence of screenshots of popular apps in the training data: perhaps not enough, so the result of some commands is very literal. Figma uses AI technology from multiple providers, including OpenAI and Amazon. It does not provide transparency about what is in the training data.

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In the long run, these kinds of problems will probably be solved, but then there needs to be more data in the models. It would be very useful to use user designs for this purpose, but this is also a sensitive issue. Adobe proposed this, but it was met with a huge backlash. You might almost think that designers and illustrators are not ready for AI help yet.

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