November 27, 2022

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Developers respond to "Hopeful" offshore targets

Developers respond to \”Hopeful\” offshore targets

US President Joe Biden wants to significantly increase the production of offshore wind energy over the next decade, but Developers are starting to doubt whether he can achieve his ambitions.

Why is this important?

In August, US President Joe Biden signed it Inflation Act, Largest climate collection in American history. This would free up hundreds of billions of dollars to shift to renewable energy. Offshore wind farms are one of the proposed solutions. The US government wants to increase its capacity by no less than three times by the end of this decade.

Essence: Wind producers don’t believe Biden’s offshore ambitions are achievable. Financial Times.

  • Biden wants to increase offshore wind power from less than 1 gigawatt today to 30 gigawatts by 2030. That would be enough power to power 10 million homes.
  • The first commercial offshore project in the US will begin next year. Dozens more are to follow in the coming years. In this way, be The government wants

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