November 29, 2022

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Devolver Digital mocks critical Sonic Origins DLC practices

Devolver Digital mocks critical Sonic Origins DLC practices

Earlier this year, Sonic Origins was officially announced by SEGA. This is a collection of portables from the older Sonic games. You can learn more about the new version here Read again.

When announcing Sonic Origins, SEGA also shared details about the different versions you can buy and some of the DLC packs that will be released for Sonic Origins. So many features, modes, and other content are distributed in this way over versions and DLCs that SEGA had to release the table below to explain everything fairly clearly. The studio has been subject to much criticism.

Anyway, Devolver Digital knew what to do with it. Publisher Trek to Yomi will release on May 5, and this game has now also been used to release a timeline that includes content for each release. While Devolver Digital doesn’t explicitly mention Sonic’s origins, it’s clearly meant to mock SEGA. Anyway, it’s good to know that you’ll see the final credits of Trek to Yomi on all platforms…

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