July 21, 2024

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Dick Schoff has the space to chart his own course

Dick Schoff has the space to chart his own course

According to National Security Council political leader Peter Umtzigt, Prime Minister-in-waiting Dick Schoof may also have his own vision for the country in the new government. “He has the space to chart his own course, where he can find a majority in parliament,” Umtsigt said on the TV program WNL Op Zondag on NPO Channel 1.

The framework agreement is quite detailed on some points, such as on migration and agriculture, but in other areas the agreement is more ambiguous.

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According to Umtsigt, there is room for the intended prime minister in those areas. “In the field of education and health care, the agreement is really broad,” he added. So he can be given a substance. “He can do it himself if he has the majority in the House and Senate.”

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Four deputy prime ministers

Umtzigt says the framework agreement will be developed further. “The Prime Minister and the four deputy prime ministers will have a leadership role in this matter.” Thus, the head of the National Security Council confirms that the new government will include no less than four deputy prime ministers, one from each party.

Umtzigt’s confession is remarkable, because radio silence was declared for the time being by coordinator Richard van Zoll.

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