March 23, 2023

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Did I miss Vive le Velo?  Rewatch the best clips from the episode |  Vive Le Velo

Did I miss Vive le Velo? Rewatch the best clips from the episode | Vive Le Velo

At the second Vive le Vélo dedicated to the Vuelta, Karl Vanneukerek greeted former cyclists Eddie Blankart and Vons de Wolf, who have won multiple stages at the Tour of Spain, and Ivan Vanmoul at Domaine Coloma in St Peters Leo. The Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl team doctor has long been able to do so much Inside information Give about the leader of the Vuelta. Especially after a crazy day trip.

Sami Nirink visits Eveningpool supporters in the Vuelta

Back to Eveningpool’s years as a footballer

The question marks around Evenepoel’s punctured tire were washed off the table

Karl Vannieuwkerke guides you through the frantic 16th stage

Re-watch the full episode below on VRT MAX

All eyes are on Remco Evenepoel these days, the pioneer of the cycling tour of Spain. It’s been 44 years since his countryman won one of the three “Grand Tours”. Gradually there is a real chance that Remco Evenepoel will match this performance. To highlight the apotheosis of this potential historical Vuelta, one will perform “Vive le vélo” for seven consecutive days. Guests: Eddie Blankart, Vons de Wolf

Guests Vive le Velo
ma Jose de Coeur, Sian Oetdebroeks and Jürgen van den Broek
de Eddie Blankert, Vons de Wolf, Evan Vannemol
wo Bert de Bakker, Tom Stills
Do Bram Tankink, Rinat Schot
Friday Marin de Vries, Robert Janssens, Tim Declerc
za Sven Fanthornhout and Dirk de Wolf
So Eddie Blankart
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