July 25, 2024

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Did Vlaams Belang indirectly cooperate in an arms deal with Russia?

Did Vlaams Belang indirectly cooperate in an arms deal with Russia?

Written in the first episode humor Indeed how Vlaams Belang has been baking sweet sandwiches with the Russian system for twenty years, Part 2 zooms in on international flights for some toppers. For example, Philip Dewinter and his usual intermediary Frank Krellmann traveled in the company of arms dealers to the International Economic Forum in the Crimea. Russian businessman Andrei Nazarov is the co-chair of this forum. The annual event is organized to start the Russian economy and improve the image of Russia.

Frank Van Osten, a real estate agent in Antwerp, meets Banzarov at a conference in Vienna in 2018, where Dewinter also speaks briefly. The real estate broker is also the CEO of defense and aerospace company Arcadia Engineering. Van Osten has a good reason for being: “Nazarov is a friend of Putin.” The meeting is said to have been organized by Dewinter and his associates, but the arms dealer denies that he spoke to Nazarov about his company.

humor He has a postage showing that Frank van Osten actually provided military equipment to Nazarov. Van Oosten also shares the catalog with Dewinter and Frank Creyelman. One informant says: “Andrei Nazarov is the patron of Vlaams-Belang.” humor. Did the lobbyists produce anything? The gentlemen do not claim that this is not clear. When war breaks out in Ukraine, Vlamis Belang distances himself from Russian contact.

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