May 29, 2023

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Director casts bullied Australian boy in new Mad Max movie: 'It was good for him and us' |  showbiz

Director casts bullied Australian boy in new Mad Max movie: ‘It was good for him and us’ | showbiz

MovieIn 2020, the video of the bullied Australian boy Quaden Biles (11 years old) went viral. The boy had dwarfism and was severely punished for this at school. But now he is getting support from unexpected quarters. Director George Miller (77) is cast as the boy in his upcoming films: “Three Thousand Years of Longing” and “Prequel” for “Mad Max”.

When Australian boy Quaden Biles was nine years old, an emotional video of him went viral. He was severely bullied at school and did not want to live anymore. His mother, Yarraka Bayles, filmed one of his sudden outbursts to show the world the effects of bullying. The video shows that the boy is angry and wishes to die. “I usually keep moments like this private, but I don’t see another way out,” Yarraka yells for help on Facebook.

Support from around the world soon followed. Director George Miller was also deeply affected by the video. He decided to defend the boy and included him in his last film “Three thousand years of longing.” “It’s good for us and it was good for him. In fact, he did such a good job that he also got a small role in Furiosa,” Miller told ‘Sydney Morning.’ “Three Thousand Years of Longing” is about a gin (Idris Elba) who is liberated from his bottle by a researcher (Tilda Swinton). He tells her stories from his past with scents and colors. In print, Quaden will be seen as one of the costumed actors.

“Furiosa” is a prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Nothing else is known about the boy’s role in this print, but one thing is for sure: he can shine alongside big Hollywood stars. Among others, The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy (26) and actor (Thor) Chris Hemsworth (39) are featured in the photo.

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massive support

Director George Miller is far from the only person who unconditionally supports the boy. American actor Brad Williams, 38, who suffers from dwarfism, also earlier launched a fundraiser to send the boy to Disneyland in America. On the other hand, the Australian rugby union team, Indigenous All Stars, sent out a video message to encourage him: “We want to let you know we support you, my friend.” “The Greatest Showman” actor Hugh Jackman did the same, saying in a video “He’s stronger than he thinks” and that the actor is his “friend.”

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