July 22, 2024

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Disagreement between members of Pink Floyd torpedo sales of music rights (Brussels)

Disagreement between members of Pink Floyd torpedo sales of music rights (Brussels)

The planned sale of Pink Floyd’s music rights is stuck. I know that financial times. the reason? Among other things, a bitter quarrel between the (former) members of the rock band.

British band Pink Floyd plans to sell the music rights for an estimated amount of more than $500 million. according to financial times There were already big names among those interested, including Blackstone, Sony Music and Warner Music. The sale has now been delayed for several months due to differing opinions on, among other things, tax regulations.

In addition to this, former guitarist/singer Roger Waters lives in the United States and the other members of the band live in the United Kingdom. Additionally, Waters has had a difficult relationship with David Gilmore for years. One bidder says the strained relationship makes it “impossible” to make a deal. There are further doubts that the wall can be demolished again, as the band members argue constantly and seemingly for no reason.


The Controversial statements Di . adds financial times till then. In an open letter, Waters criticized the West (for its arms transfers) and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In recent years, more and more major artists have sold their music rights, such as Neil Young, Sting and Bob Dylan. They made hundreds of millions of dollars with it.

Pink Floyd was formed in 1965, from the original lineup only drummer Nick Mason remained. The huge group had a huge hit with the album The dark side of the moonwhich was released in 1973. The singles like ‘Money’ and ‘Another brick in the wall’ are among the biggest hits.

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