October 4, 2023

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Dividend News |  A disappointing increase in the US

Dividend News | A disappointing increase in the US

There was a lot of dividend news again in May, especially in the US. Several well-known names added to the disappointment.

Holland Colors pays a dividend of €3.41 per share, which is significantly lower than the €5.91 dividend paid in 2022. At a share price of €111, the dividend yield is 3.1%. The ex-dividend date is July 17.

On July 11, 2023, Lucas Boles will receive a final payment of €0.13 per share in Amsterdam. In November, the brewer resumed paying dividends with an interim amount of €0.21. This is the first time since 2019. The annualized dividend yield is 3.3% and the ex-dividend date is July 11, 2023.

Paul’s department colleague Remy Cointreau is doing well in both stock price and dividends. In addition to the regular dividend of €2.00 per share, shareholders will receive a special dividend of €1.00 per share this year. At a share price of €140 the dividend yields 2%. The ex-dividend date has not yet been announced by the French company.

Dividend Aristocrat Lowe’s Companies has increased its dividend by 5% this year to $1.10 per quarter. It was the smallest dividend increase in decades for DIY chain Lowe’s, which had grown at least 30% in the previous two years. Dividends Dividends are 2.1% of the $208 share price.

Apparel retailer Guess?, which operates globally through its own stores and licenses for its own brand name (including perfumes and watches), increased its dividend by a third to $0.30 a quarter. Dividend is 6%. Guess what? It suspended dividends in 2020 during the corona pandemic for several quarters.

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Dividend Aristocrat Metronic has disappointed, rising just 1.5% this year to $0.69 per quarter. For Lowe’s, it was the medical device maker’s smallest increase in decades; In recent years it has always been around 8%. The yield is now 3.3%.

Chemicals giant LyondellBasell is raising its dividend by 5% to $1.25 per quarter. A special dividend of $5.20 was paid in 2022. The dividend yield is high: 5.6%.

Hotel chain Marriott is raising its dividend by 30% to $0.52 per quarter. In 2020, the dividend was canceled due to Corona, which unfortunately eliminated the Marriott share from the dividend portfolio. Dividends resumed last year, following a sharp increase this year to a new record $0.52. Marriott’s stock price is at an all-time high in line with its dividend.

Tech giant Apple has raised its dividend by a disappointing 4.3% this year to $0.24 per quarter. Dividends Dividends are low at only 0.5%.

Forklift manufacturer Hyster-Yale will be one of the big stars with a 97% share price gain in 2023. The quarterly dividend will rise slightly this year: +0.8% to $0.325.

Dividend cuts

In 2023, there will be no U.S. stocks that will reduce or eliminate dividends. When dividends are cut, it happens more often than with the likes of VF Corp and Intel. The two most recent cuts came from consumer goods stock Newell Brands (-70%) and auto parts maker Advance Auto Parts (-83%).