October 4, 2023

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Do this and that, and we’ll get there

Do this and that, and we’ll get there

For excitement you also need season 3 of Drawing with John Uncut in Your Streamz App: Sitting through episodes for 20 to 30 minutes—almost literally at times—is equivalent to watching paint dry. Jazz musician, painter, writer, and actor John Lurie addresses you from his studio somewhere in the Caribbean, reflecting on art, culture, music, and life as he performs a new watercolor on canvas.

HBO, the hallmark of American television—to Laurie’s own surprise, you’ll hear him say again—had already had three seasons of that series made, and the calls Drawing with John “Part conversation, part tutorial,” and there’s just something about that. Laurie is both a bullshit expert and a 21st century sage at the same time, who makes solving some of the things our society struggles with seem so easy.

The impending climate collapse, for example? Look, he says, we as humans have always had the urge to build and that’s what has brought us to this more or less advanced civilization. But we have now reached the point where this impulse to growth is harmful to the planet, and therefore to us, and we must now find a way to “curb this impulse”. very easybut?

Drawing with John It’s like the IKEA Life Plan: Do this and that, start at one and finish at thirty-five, and we’ll all get there. But even so, Lowry, with a straight face, unleashes the weirdest quatsch and makes the TV documentary look like it’s flowing into “Something Else.” Like when he describes an epic, invented or not, of his eight-year-old self and a number of his peers, when they ran away from their summer camp together. Gradually, his narration, delivered in a deep baritone voice, becomes one with the background music and the episode ends as a long improvised jazz song.

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They are also included Drawing with Johnwhich occasionally shows a brief glimpse of life in Lurie’s household, elements of a reality soap or intended as a parody of that format. And Laurie also goes on to post another TV show where he’s drawn to these surreal, insidious stories he unleashed upon us. exactly like The joy of drawing. Slightly more tolerable with a canoe of evening weed as they wallow in their TV.

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