June 10, 2023

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Do you already know Stekjesroute? In these places in our country, you can get free plants or donate one | out and about

Do you want to register a beautiful and free (!) Plant? This is now possible thanks to Stekjesroute. Everywhere in Flanders such “libraries of plants” appear along the way. In specially equipped cupboards you can find plants, seeds and tubers, but you can also replace or donate plants. “There is something for every exchanger.”

Do you have green fingers or are you real plant mom? Then you’ve come to the right place on Stekjesroute, or Plant Library. These bookstores have been very popular in the Netherlands for a while now, but now you can find them more and more with us. where? Thanks to a special map, you can easily find such a Valhalla plant in your area.

An example of the number of botanical libraries in the Antwerp area. © Google Maps

How it works?

In the libraries, or rather the treasuries, you can exchange, donate or adopt plants, cuttings, bulbs or seeds. You can find them on people’s (front) lawn, in the driveway or right along the road. Are there certain rules? It depends from place to place, but the amount of donation or exchange is entirely up to you in most cases.

Do you have an entire plant collection that you want to revamp or want to get rid of a part of? Then you can also go to the nearest bookstore or open one yourself. Nor should it be large.

You fill out a short form to report the location of your plant library. After that, your wheel will also appear on Stekjesroute. If you no longer have the time or inclination to run a factory locker, you can easily tell us that your library is closed for a while. This is also visible on the Cuttings map.

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Everything is welcome in the Elien Factory Library

Elien from Drongen has since opened her own bookstore, which you can also find on Stekjesroute. “For a long time, my private collection only consisted of a flamingo and a spoon plant. But since our house was a little empty, we gradually added pretty plants,” says Ellen, 37, biologist and mother of two. Instagram. She recently opened her own plant bookstore in Drongen, Ghent.

“There used to be a septic tank in Drongen, but when I discovered it, it closed. So, with some help, I decided to create one myself. Vegetable garden plants, houseplants, seeds, tubers, … everything is welcome. So there is something for everyone.” rolling”. You get tips or advice from biologist or “botanist” Ellen, she says, for free.

If you want to stay up to date or want to read more stories like Elien, you can visit Stekjesroute’s social media channels or join our Facebook group.

You can find a complete cutting path or library of plants in your area at This map.

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