May 30, 2023

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Do you like to chat when you go out?  Jumbo starts with Belgium's first 'chat box' |  Instagram news VTM

Do you like to chat when you go out? Jumbo starts with Belgium’s first ‘chat box’ | Instagram news VTM

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo opens a new supermarket in Balen, Antwerp. Those who like to chat can go to the ‘chat box’.

For the first time, Jumbo also offers a “chat box” in Belgium. This concept was previously introduced in their home market, the Netherlands. This cash register is especially for people who like to have a conversation while out and about.

“Through chat boxes, we want to contribute to identifying and reducing loneliness and inviting people to chat in an accessible way. As a supermarket chain, we have an important role in the community and we are a meeting place for many people”, says Peter Isaac, President of Jumbo Belgium.

Jumbo wants to fight loneliness with a chat box. © Jumbo

“The idea behind this is that you don’t feel the pressure or rush that you would otherwise experience at a regular cash register or self checkout,” says Martijn Vis, who will run the new branch. Available for busy people. Until now “.

The new Jumbo that opened on Wednesday is the 19th of the Dutch series in our country. About 45 people will go to work.

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