November 27, 2022

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Do you suddenly see bikes with blue tires everywhere?  This is where they came from |  MyGuide

Do you suddenly see bikes with blue tires everywhere? This is where they came from | MyGuide

No doubt anyone who visits a city has already noticed it. Recently, more and more bicycles with blue front tires are circulating. The culprit is Swapfiets, a Dutch company that is invading Europe. But what exactly do Swapfiets do? And can you benefit from it too? We have solved it. “Actually, it’s like Spotify, but for bikes.”

To explain the idea of ​​Swapfiets, we have to go back to 2014. At that time, four Dutch students saw how their peers regularly struggled with their bikes. The brakes don’t work, the bell is missing, or the chain is worn. In short, the bikes are of poor quality. This gives them an idea: why not rent bikes ourselves that are always in good condition? The birth of the world’s first bicycle subscription.

a look. Do you suddenly see bikes with blue tires everywhere? This is what Swapfietsen looks like.

How exactly does it work?

The concept is simple. For a fixed amount per month, you get a bike that always works. Is something broken? Then Swapfiets will either repair the bike within 48 hours or provide a replacement bike. In some cases this can be done in your home, but also in one of their stores.

You can also choose from three types of bikes. For a regular bike with 7 gears, you’d pay around 19.90€ per month. Do you prefer to drive electric? Then you can opt for the Power 1 (€59.90 per month), which has a driving range of 80 kilometers and charges in four hours. If you really have to cover great distances, you can also rent the Power 7. It costs 79.90 € per month and has a range of 100 km.

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Important to know: If you get a subscription with Swapfiets, you can’t cancel it until after six months. If you prefer not to do so, you pay around €29.90 extra upon registration. You also pay an additional fee if you cycle more than 1,000 km per month or use the rental bike for delivery. In this case it is an additional 50 euros per month.

What about Belgium?

Swapfiets has already spread across Europe. The company now has more than 280,000 members in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. The company is also expanding in our country. “Meanwhile, there are already 10,000 Swapvitsen on the road in Belgium,” says brand manager Ellen Berkmans. “We own service areas In Ghent, Antwerp, Mechelen, Brussels and Leuven”. If you live in such a service area, Swapfiets can deliver your bike and fix it at home. Don’t you live in such an area? Then you can still ride Swapfiets, but the company cannot come to your home for delivery, repair or substitution.

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