June 9, 2023

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Do you want to drink less? No, let’s say 90 percent are Dutch

About 8 percent of the Dutch drink several cups a day once a week and are therefore heavy drinkers. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), which investigated alcohol consumption in the Netherlands, there were a similar number of drinkers in 2014.

No problem with your alcohol consumption

The number of heavy drinkers has fallen: from 10 percent in 2014 to 6 percent last year. According to CBS, a heavy drinker is a man who drinks more than 21 cups of alcohol each week or a woman who consumes more than 14 cups of alcohol each week.

There are a few Dutch people who like to drink less. 29 percent of Dutch people have no problem with their alcohol consumption, and 61 percent believe they already drink a little alcohol.

Of people who drink 1 to 7 cups a week, 94 percent don’t want to cut back. About a third of people who down 14 or more cups per week would like to reduce their consumption a little.

Three-quarters of adults who drink alcohol do so because they enjoy it. Or they drink because it’s fun.

very thick

The researchers also asked questions about other health issues, such as weight. Last year, 20 percent of adults were trying to lose weight.

Half of adults in the Netherlands are overweight and this proportion has remained roughly the same in recent years, according to Statistics Netherlands.

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