October 3, 2023

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Do you want your own home but is the building too expensive?  Four surprising alternatives were examined  MyGuide

Do you want your own home but is the building too expensive? Four surprising alternatives were examined MyGuide

LiviusIs the new energy-saving building, which is built in a flash, circular and has a fixed price? Livios Builder site He brings you four building methods that prove sustainability doesn’t always have to be more expensive.

1. New circular construction with fixed costs

From design to fully customized home in six weeks? It’s possible with CIRCL’s sustainable and circular custom homes. The company mostly builds Off-site (in the factory) and provides affordable, sustainable homes, from new construction to renovation.

What is circular construction? This is the principle and its importance.

duration of time
You will receive a quote with the final price during the day. There is a maximum of six weeks between the building permit and handover.

The 3D model provides a detailed cost estimate. The price is fixed, there are no unexpected costs. Everything has been calculated down to the last detail and thanks to the industrial approach the supplier can keep the price low. The price is similar to the price of a ready house.

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70 percent of all materials in the home are bio-based, and 40 percent of the material volume is recycled. By using the most energy efficient technologies (heat pumps, solar panels, …) and comprehensive insulation, energy costs and consumption are reduced to a minimum. Homes have a negative E level.

advice: View a time snapshot of CIRCL’s home position below.

2. All-in wood frame units

Skilpod, a Flemish construction company, is building the units. They are developing two to four unit wood frame homes. These units are manufactured in their own workshop in Geel and then assembled on site. You have the choice between a series of standard modules.

The floor plan, kitchen and bathroom design, appliances… are fixed for each unit. You can choose the finishes of the facade, windows, floors and your kitchen worktop.

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adviceYou can find more information on this here Modular building And Timber frame homes.

© Skipod

duration of time
Skilpod home is ready to move in in a few months. The construction site preparation and the construction of units in the workshop (including electricity, painting, paving the floor, installing bathroom and kitchen, etc.) are done at one time.

You can get a clear view of the big picture in advance. Increases in the price of materials have little or no effect on the cost price because construction is happening so quickly. Unit #108 and #140 are the most chosen units.

The price of # 108 is 212,000 € for a 108 sqm area with 2 bedrooms in an open plan building. For unit #140 (habitable area 140 sqm) you would pay approximately €270,000 for a three bedroom open plan home.

These prices do not include the building land, VAT, fees, additional options (such as solar panels) and additional costs associated with the plot (such as sloping plot, very unstable land, difficult-to-reach site, …).

NZE units (level E 30) are drawn and finished with millimeter accuracy. This results in perfect insulation, but also in less material and thus less construction waste.

In terms of wood, Skilpod chooses LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), which is a very hard-wearing special type of spruce. They use the most environmentally friendly options for insulation materials, wall panels and finishing materials. Each unit is equipped with a heat pump boiler and an air-to-air heat pump, which is heated and cooled.

curious? Take a look inside Gert and Patricia’s Skilpod.

3. AI wood frame with firm design

Kepler offers smart, sustainable wood-frame homes that are affordable and can be up and running in no time. Smart, because homes are equipped with an operating system. For example, the heating is automatically turned off when the window is opened. Or the washing machine will run if the battery is sufficiently charged. Kepler works in a stable design. So every house is the same.

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© Kepler

duration of time
The building process takes place in-house, in their own building workshop. In 48 days, Kepler completed a house of about 144 square meters.

Materials and equipment are decided in advance to keep the total price under control. The price is comprehensive: from the purchase of the land and the production of the wooden frame to construction and finishing. As a buyer, you cannot make any changes or choose a different style of living.

Their method of operation and consistent design allow Kepler to keep the selling price low. Thus the total price can vary and largely depends on the building plot cost price.

Kepler homes have an EPC of -15 and are made up of 65 percent recyclable materials. For example, the house is insulated with cellulose (blown paper chips).

The houses are equipped with solar panels and a battery. Smart software connects household appliances (washer, dryer, dishwasher) to the home battery. So you can choose to turn on devices automatically when the battery capacity reaches more than 50 percent.

Do you benefit from a home battery? This is how it works and this is the cost price and payback period.

4. Modular container construction

Those who dream of living in a container can go to Addhome, for example. This company produces and assembles modular steel units on its own land. You can choose between a standard model or a custom design. Dimensions of the standard model start from 47 m² to 109 m².

Anything is possible with a custom design. For example, Addhome has installed houses with a living space of 300 square meters. You define the layout of your container modules yourself. Just like the finish level (eg: standard kitchen or custom kitchen) and any options. For example, you can choose screens, surface UV coating, wardrobes, and so on.

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Add the main group
© Addhome Group

duration of time
There is usually a year to a year and a half between first contact and delivery. The house is being delivered completely ready to move into. Coordination with the client and the authorization process takes most of the time. Container house production goes fast because people start from existing containers.

Is a container home the solution for you? These gains and losses.

For homes, the price ranges from 1,400 to 1,500 €/m², including kitchen and bathroom. This price does not include architect fees. The smallest standard unit is “Beluga” and has an area of ​​47 square metres. You pay a base price of €45,499 excluding VAT for this live container.

The most expensive model is of course the largest standard model. The ‘extended model’ of 109 sqm costs €121,000 excluding VAT.

Steel units comply with strict EPB standards and are energy efficient. In addition to high-efficiency sun-resistant glazing and a D-ventilation system, each unit has an electric heat pump, solar panels, and high-quality insulation. Green roof is one option.

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