December 1, 2022

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'Doctor Strange 2' Can't Escape Expected Cinema Ban

‘Doctor Strange 2’ Can’t Escape Expected Cinema Ban

It’s certainly not the first time that a movie isn’t allowed to be shown in a particular country. It’s happening to the great Marvel movie now too Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness† Film Director Sam Raimi It contains something that is not acceptable according to the local authorities.

This news comes via an article from The Hollywood Reporter. Like eternity And West side story The movie is banned in Saudi Arabia because of a gay character in the movie.

The new character America ChavezZochitel Gomez) Gay in the comics This is a sticking point for the Saudi government. Local politics dictate that homosexuality in the media is illegal. It is not yet known whether the young Chavez in the film is openly gay.

Chavez is a very important person
Director Sam Raimi He previously said in an interview with Empire magazine that Chavez is important in the film.

“Stranger still learning about the multiverse,” Remy said. “Then there’s a character that she can travel with. He always knows everything, and he should learn from a kid now. It’s probably a smart move.”

There is a good chance that many (surrounding) countries will go along with the ban. Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It will be shown in Dutch cinemas on May 4.

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