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Does black charcoal toothpaste whiten your teeth?

Does black charcoal toothpaste whiten your teeth?

You usually do not feel gravity while brushing your teeth. But with a mouth full of black foam, maybe a little less. However, there are many people who occasionally use charcoal toothpaste. The activated charcoal present in the black gunk is said to remove stains on your teeth and ensure radiant white teeth. How effective is this black toothpaste?

Does charcoal paste whiten teeth?

To answer this question, we first have to look at how a tooth is built. There is a nerve inside the tooth. It is surrounded by dentin and the outer layer is enamel. The color of your teeth is mainly determined by dentin. And you can’t whiten it with toothpaste. Not even if he was black.

Toothpaste has an effect on the tooth enamel. There may be spots on it. Compare it to a cup containing tea. A colored layer also remains at the back. The same thing happens to your teeth when you eat or drink.

You can clean these surface stains using toothpaste. Does abrasive charcoal toothpaste work best for this? no. All toothpastes contain abrasives to remove these stains. This is important against plaque buildup. So you don’t have to use a special type of charcoal.

Dark illusion

However, your teeth appear whiter after brushing with charcoal toothpaste. how is that possible? You have been deceived. Charcoal toothpaste makes your teeth very dark when brushing. When you rinse your mouth afterwards, your teeth suddenly look white and clean. Because they were so dirty before, you have the illusion that your teeth are whiter than ever.

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Unfortunately, it’s not whiter at all. There is also no evidence for other health claims for charcoal toothpaste, such as its antibacterial effect and cavity prevention. Researchers from the University of Maryland (USA) discovered this in 2017.

Dangers of charcoal toothpaste

Black toothpaste works just like other toothpastes. not better. And not worse either. Or him? From research conducted by the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and others It turns out that many online stores boast the “natural” ingredients of their charcoal toothpaste. But this often also means that it does not contain fluoride. You need this to maintain the health of your teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Charcoal toothpastes from well-known brands that you can buy at the pharmacy often contain fluoride. You can use it every day.

The color of your toothpaste doesn’t matter much. Unless you want to clean black specks from your sink every day, the boring white version is a great option.

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