December 5, 2023

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Does dynamic progression offer the solution to (very) high upfront bills?  “It creates additional awareness” |  My guide

Does dynamic progression offer the solution to (very) high upfront bills? “It creates additional awareness” | My guide

Mining energyFor many families, the amount offered does not keep up with actual energy costs. This could result in an expensive final settlement or very high down payments. To align the advance amount with actual consumption costs, Elindus, the energy supplier for businesses, offers a dynamic advance amount. How does it work and what is the consumer market potential? Find out.

Written by Kurt Deman, in collaboration with Mijnenergie


Advance payment against final invoice

Testaankoop recently recorded dozens of reports regarding particularly high settlement invoices. In some cases, their value reached more than 10,000 euros. That bitter pill came on the heels of signing up for a more expensive contract, where the customer had not adjusted the down payment.

In the opposite direction, many families recovered a large amount through their final bill. They just adjusted their advance upward during the energy crisis, but did not reduce it when prices fell again. Although it sounds like a fluke, you’ve been playing bank for the energy supplier in the meantime. To put limits on this, the government now requires energy suppliers to verify the amount provided four times a year.

Need to top up your advance bill? In this case it is (un)useful.

Additional awareness

With the aim of making the down payment more in line with reality, Elindus offers a dynamic down payment for companies. “Based on historical data or – if not available – estimated volumes, we estimate the down payment for the following month,” explains Marketing Manager Klaas Vankerspelck. “We base this on the previous month’s market prices, which take into account the latest fluctuations. This way, the customer does not have to To constantly request review and advance payments are better in line with real consumption costs.

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According to Vankersbilk, this model can also be applied to consumers. “In principle, it is possible for both consumers to use a digital and analog meter. But of course it works better in the context of a digital meter, because we then have more accurate data to calculate with. Moreover, the effect for consumers is that the advance payment during the Winter will be much higher than during summer: due to higher consumption and possibly higher energy prices. Although I don’t see that as a bad thing. It creates additional awareness, as the customer is immediately confronted with the potential impact of their consumption on their energy bill.

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What is the alternative?

Consumers can now choose to pay monthly. In this case, the advance payment will be canceled and the previous month’s consumption will be paid at the beginning of the following month. You can best compare this system with the invoice issued by your telecom operator. Although this formula is gaining importance, only a limited number of consumers choose to pay monthly.

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