February 9, 2023

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Does Tom Weiss earn €700,000 in total?  VRT says: "The numbers quoted are incorrect"

Does Tom Weiss earn €700,000 in total? VRT says: “The numbers quoted are incorrect”

It was previously announced that Six Faces of VRT has an exclusive contract of over €300,000 per year with the broadcaster. This was also stated in the annual report of the VRT. according to latest news It is Tom Waes’ highest paid VRT site, totaling €700,000 per year. For other well-known screen faces such as Jeroen Meus, Ben Crabbé and Philippe Geubels, according to the newspaper, the total amount is at least 500,000 euros, and for Nils Disstadsbader, it is 400,000 euros. Remuneration is based on exclusive contracts, volume deals and advisory assignments.

The newspaper did not have access to contracts, but bases its figures on sources in the Flemish media scene. The newspaper says it has two sources for each amount. If the amounts quoted by the sources differ, choose latest news the lowest amount.

According to Frederic Delaplace, CEO of VRT, the broadcaster is paying according to the market, and incorrect numbers are being traded. “For privacy reasons, we do not go into exact amounts, even though the numbers traded are incorrect,” Delaplace answers at Belga. “VRT management takes into account Audit Vlaanderen’s recommendations on all contracts and focuses on renewal, feminization and diversity in its screen vision policy.”

According to Delaplace, the broadcaster also needs these famous presenters to reach a wide audience. VRT’s mission is to reach a wide audience with great software. We do this, among other things, using screen faces and radio sounds, the unique talents that bring the Flemish to those stories. VRT pays them in line with the market and is also transparent about this.”

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The debate about wages paid by VRT has been a difficult topic for some time. In the Netherlands and Great Britain, the highest wages are announced. This week it was announced that football presenter Gary Lineker, for example, is the BBC’s highest-paid TV face with an annual salary of €1.6m.

According to the management agreement between VRT and the Flemish government, the broadcaster is also not required to provide insight into the wages he pays. However, VRT must provide “transparency regarding the annual compensation of screen faces and radio sounds with which VRT has an exclusive agreement, without providing information on an individual basis”. VRT does this by limiting the number of presenters earning more than €300,000, for example.

In an interview with this newspaper Last month, Information Minister Benjamin Dahl (CD&V) noted that this was a big step forward, but then asked for further clarification. “For example, what does ‘more than 300,000’ mean? Are we talking about an annual salary of 301,000 euros or 900,000 euros?” Dalle also wanted more insight into the composition of the group that earns over 100,000 euros, because it was said to be very diverse.