June 8, 2023

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Dogs, Babies and Birds: Rewatch 3 parts of the weird news from “De Mol” | television

The eleventh season of the TV show “De Mol” has ended. For the first task of the final, the candidates had to participate in a news broadcast. Toos and Lancelot report on a cactus hauling company that was ready for its 5,000th thorn plant.

During this task, Toos and Lancelot had to capture three different sightings of a cactus. Each stage was worth 500 euros. But to get these photos, they had to hit the right site. And for that they had to expect some blunders from live reporting.

look. Children interrupt the interview on BBC News

look. A dog steals a microphone from a Russian journalist

look. An unexpected visitor interrupts the weather report

Lancelot de Durwerder, Comfort Acho and Tous Vanderveld pose for the photographer during the season 11 finale of the TV show “De Mol” by commercial broadcaster Play4, in Antwerp Kinepolis, Sunday May 07, 2023. The nominees for this season went on a three-week trip to Arizona, USA . Photo by Belga Nikolaus Maeterlinck © BELGA

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