December 8, 2022

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Don't Miss These 4 Android Apps and Games (#41 2022)

Don’t Miss These 4 Android Apps and Games (#41 2022)

Diablo-like game, better email and army command. These are the best Android apps and games of the week.

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1. December

Fans of the Diablo series note: Undecember may be your next addiction. The game is about smashing truckloads of enemies. You can do this in very creative ways, for example using both weapons and magic.

Also cool: you don’t have to pick a single semester in Undecember. Alternatively, you can mix all kinds of fighting styles together in a more hybrid way. Undecember can run on both Android and iOS (Iphone) as Steam (PC). The great thing about this is that all of these platforms can play together. You need a powerful phone, because Undecember looks beautiful and therefore graphically demanding.

2. Spark Mill

Spark Mail, one of our favorite mail apps, released a brand new version last week. The biggest plus is that there is now also software for Windows PCs. This is great, because it allows you to use the Mail app on all your platforms.

Meet the new Spark - Smart.  concentrated.  E-mail.

Moreover, Spark Mail has added some features. For example, you can associate tasks directly with emails, using the app as a kind of to-do list. The Smart Inbox function, which ensures that important messages reach the top of your mailbox, has also been improved again.

3. Tyrant game

Despot proves that games don’t always require your full effort. In this game, you are at the head of an army of people who are trying to escape from a maze. Of course, this is not easy, because behind every door a hostile army is waiting. Only by winning the battle do you have a chance to escape.

Despot is leaving early access!  |  Miserable army builder

Fighting happens automatically. So you don’t have to lead the fight yourself. You are, however, responsible for the strategy and, for example, the training of soldiers. It would be wise to take this task seriously, because once your army fails, you will have to start over. So Despot is nothing but an easy game.

4. Airport simulator: first class

Did Schiphol enjoy a quiet summer under your leadership? In Airport Simulator: First Class you can test your skills as an airport manager. You are involved in all aspects of aviation: from directing passenger flows in the right direction to where catering establishments should be located.

Airport Simulator: First Class Trailer

You are also responsible for the personnel policy and economic performance of the airport. You can fill in budget gaps, for example, by making tickets more expensive, attracting more sponsors or partnering with another airport.

Airport Simulator: First Class


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