May 21, 2022

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Don’t say the tourist but the adventurer

Traveler who doesn’t love it? But when one person likes a group trip arranged down to the smallest detail, the other swears by a road trip to specification. We spoke to three seasoned vacationers about their favorite way to travel.

Sui Nesuke
presented to Flanders holiday country
Resolutely chooses a fully planned trip

What is your favorite vacation so far?

That was my trip to New York with a group of ten comedians about five years ago. There we watched comedies, ate in restaurants, went on a hip-hop tour and visited various museums. That was great! Everything was arranged and planned so long in advance that even though it was a group tour, there was no arguing. Preparation is often part of the fun and you don’t have to waste any of your (valuable) time immediately thinking and figuring out who really wants to do what. It’s not like I’m totally planning my trip. There is always room to read a book, or to pass something on if you don’t feel like being active.”

What’s still on your bucket list?

I really want to go to Tokyo. This has been a dream for a long time. My grandparents visited this Japanese city once and those stories sounded so wonderful that it really became a legendary city to me. In the past, such a trip seemed impossible. Now I know I can go there if I save up for it. I want to enjoy fish in a restaurant, visit clothing stores, and look at beautiful cherry blossoms. If this plan becomes a reality, I will dive into Tokyo more in advance and make sure I am well prepared so that I don’t miss a thing.”

What is your final advice for this type of travel?

If you are traveling with a group and really want to plan a trip from start to finish, I recommend sitting down together in advance to align expectations. This way you avoid misunderstanding and frustration right away. Of course you don’t have to do everything together, but you can actually log the things you definitely want to do. In major cities, some shows are sometimes sold out quickly, so it is best to book them in advance. I prefer the selection of restaurants I visit through Locals from all over the world write about their favorite places to eat and drink here. It’s much more accurate than getting lost in comments on Google or TripAdvisor.”

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holidaysNeil van Herk
Also known as travel blogger Tollard
It is preferable to record only the round trip

What is your favorite vacation so far?

Morocco was my first real solo trip. After high school, I chose to venture on a tour through Morocco, only by public transportation. I booked a plane ticket to Tangier and my first overnight stay. Then she went by bus and car stop along the coast south and back inland. great experience. It was hard at times, but most of all it was unforgettable. Sketching out your plan and being able to do whatever you want at your own pace was fun. Morocco is a beautiful country with unprecedented hospitality. Many times I have been invited to people’s homes for a delicious meal and a nice conversation.”

What’s still on your bucket list?

I want to take a real trip. Step out the door of my house here in Ghent and catch a random train or hook up with someone to their final destination. The only thing fixed is how long will I be traveling. But we will see how and where. I would also like to go on a road trip in the southern United States or in the Bible Belt. In my opinion, this trip is a series of crazy encounters. They can also always send me into the unplanned space. Do you hear me, Elon Musk? “

What is your final advice for this type of travel?

Semi-planned travel doesn’t mean there are no rules. I always log the round trip. I can see everything in between, like mid-range flights and other transportation. Plus, I always book a place to sleep the first night. I also learn some basic words and phrases in the local language, as well as etiquette and customs. You don’t want to get thrown off a train in Japan for blowing your nose. Looking for quick guidance and information about a city? Then arrange a free walking tour. The locals guide you through the city and are full of extra tips. And above all, dare you speak. Most people are happy to tell you about their city, village or country.”

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for travelTamar Falconer
Survival coach and author full-time adventurer
She loves nothing more than traveling based on her feelings

What is your favorite vacation so far?

My trip to Mongolia. The first time I went there, in 2017, I went there out of interest in Bedouin culture. I wanted to sympathize with the eagle hunters of the Altai Mountains, who live in harmony with nature. Men and women ride on horses to the mountains to hunt foxes and marmots, and to make coats of them. I also really wanted to be a backpacker, so I bought a horse, a camel and a dog and rode them through the mountains for five months. As a city girl, I lived completely on my own according to the laws of nature and discovered the relationship with animals. Finding balance with nature has given me a great sense of satisfaction.”

What’s still on your bucket list?

I don’t really have a bucket list, because I’ve already been able to see a lot of nice things. But if I really had to pick something up, I’d still be fascinated by Easter Island. It’s a very mysterious place to me. I have a lot of questions. What about history? Who was here first? What happened to the trees and what about those statues? There is still a lot that is not clear and this appeals to me. Moreover, Socotra, which is an island under Yemen, looks very beautiful to me. It has an amazing biodiversity with special flora and fauna that you can only find there.”

What is your final advice for this type of travel?

The most important survival skill is making friends. Wherever you are in the world, you will meet people everywhere. Language learning is useful for making communication, but you can also communicate without a language. Try to be friends with the people around you and you will be safe. When you travel, think not only of what you can get from it, but also what you can give. Even if it’s just a smile on your face, attention is the best gift you can give. Offer people a cup of tea or ask if you can help them with the dishes.”

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