December 8, 2023

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Doping stories still haunt British riders: 'Topper...

Doping stories still haunt British riders: ‘Topper…


Why did a prominent British rider turn away in 2012, a few days before the Olympic road race in London, when a doping inspector came in for a test? The British public is grappling with this question just days after WADA published a damning report on nandrolone use in the years leading up to the London Games.

Jay van den Langenberg / Source: Cycling News

So far, a new report has surfaced that tells us how the rider turns away the moment the doping inspector arrives. The report mentions a “world-class rider” who was bored of having to take a urine test while the riders were about to leave for a practice ride. The five selected for the Olympic road race are: Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish, Ian Stannard and David Millar.

The unnamed contestant refused to change his training schedule and it was agreed to take the test after training. The console decided to follow the car riders but quickly lost them on the narrow roads. A urine sample was actually taken after that, but according to the doping hunters, what happened that day was very upsetting. However, no complaint or official report was filed at the time. An unnamed high-ranking source was quoted as saying: “The inspector should have reported the facts, but since the test was negative, and given the passenger’s reputation, this did not happen.”

Shane Sutton, then head of British Cycling, denies that the rider in question has anything to hide. “The rider in question was the purest rider ever. It’s a shame that people are now starting to tell stories like this after all this group has accomplished.”

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The Mail on Sunday had previously revealed traces of steroids were found in a British rider’s urine in the run-up to the Games, and that British Cycling had started its testing program using non-WADA-approved laboratories. WADA). Furthermore, with the knowledge of the British Anti-Doping Agency. Traces of Nandrolone were also found in a sample of the best British cyclists.

Sutton does not accept facts. “All I can say, hand in hand, is that this group of athletes was the purest group I have ever met.”