August 18, 2022

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Dora Valley Course Course was opened six months ago thanks to constructive advice

Dora Valley Course Course was opened six months ago thanks to constructive advice

The cycle track along the east side of Noord-Willemskanaal opened six months ago thanks to a constructive consultation. This is announced by the Federation of Cyclists in Groningen.

“As Fietsersbond, we have been concerned for a long time about leaks that are not well labeled,” says Chairman Wim Burgols. “For years, we’ve also been trying to put a foot in the door with the municipality. Because if you’re dealing with a business, it’s the contractor who has to propose the diversion, which the municipality then has to approve. You know, there are many diversions and closures due to Work on the Southern Ring Road. However, we have had good contact with the municipality for a number of months.”

“Good constructive advice”
Burgols continues: “We’ve also had good constructive talks with Herepoort Combination, Aanpak Ring Zuid, Groningen Ookbaar and the municipality. We regularly discuss projects. Why is that? Couldn’t it be faster? And that’s how Bicycle Valley emerged. It will remain closed until December due to a number of businesses that are going on.” It still needs to be done. It’s now been rolled out there so that it can still be opened, so that a good cycling route is available to many cyclists.”

Juliana Bridge
Chairman Said: “Like I said, there is a lot of work and closures. I don’t know if you know the situation around the Juliana Bridge, but part of it hasn’t been demolished yet. That means the cycle track has to be closed back there. That’s why it’s good Now using Bicycle Valley. You offer cyclists a nice route. And constructive consultation with all parties is simply too much fun. It’s great that everyone listens to it and acts on it.”

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The Borghols explored the new road on Saturday: “It has become very beautiful. The new road is always beautiful. I think it is a pity that there are so many gravel on the road. At the moment it is just annoying, later when it is run properly it will get better. It is It provides benefits in adverse weather conditions in the fall and winter.”