May 30, 2023

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Drake under fire on social media: 'A day after Astroworld, he spent $1 million in a strip club' |  Famous

Drake under fire on social media: ‘A day after Astroworld, he spent $1 million in a strip club’ | Famous

FamousDrake (35) is a go-to headline on social media. According to American Page Six, the rapper laid flowers at a strip club the day after his performance at the Astroworld Festival. He would have spent about a million dollars (about 878,000 euros). It seems he “will do what is best to help the families affected by the festival.”

A total of ten people lost their lives at Travis Scott’s famous Astroworld Festival. During the rapper’s performance, chaos and panic reigned in front of the stage, causing people to run over. Drake was a special guest during that concert. It wasn’t until after the party that the two realized they had been hit by the drums.

While Scott quickly issued a statement on social media, the Drake camp has been silent for a long time. Three days into the drama, he responded via Instagram. “I hate turning to this platform to share such subtle feelings, but this is where I feel at home,” he wrote. “My heart is broken. My deepest sympathies are with all those who were injured and the families of the victims. My thoughts and prayers are with them.”

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However, according to American Page Six, which is based on the Toronto News Blog, it wasn’t all that bad with this broken heart. A video posted a day after the drama by DJ Akademiks, friend of Drake, shows strippers at a Houston club eagerly taking notes. A man urges them to thank Drake and they do so in unison. The rapper is said to have distributed at least $1 million. The same club also shared the artist’s presence on its platform, but later removed the message. In that message, which is screenshotted in The Sun’s hand, a number of celebrities, including Drake, were thanked for their presence.

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On Twitter, many fans were outraged by the rumors. “Drake is pretending to be sad on Instagram and a day later he is in a strip club,” it appears, among other things. Another follower responded sharply: “So Drake can spend a million in a strip club, but he can’t help the families affected by this amazing show at Astroworld?” Drake himself did not want to comment on the rumors, according to Page Six and The Sun.

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