March 25, 2023

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Drama in the French Canecross Championship: Participating dogs die of poisonous meatballs | News

Animal lovers were shocked after the death, sowing devastation at the French Canecross Championships on Sunday. The final was canceled after three participating dogs died from poisoning. The fourth is in a life-threatening condition. Dogs are said to have eaten poisoned meatballs scattered throughout the course of an athletic competition.

Canicross is a sport in which owners and their leashed dogs form a team and complete a course on foot. The final day of the French Championships in Vaauvert, near Montpellier, was supposed to be one big Sunday party. But a suspected dog hater decided otherwise.

At about 7.30am things suddenly went wrong with several dogs. Three of them died, and the fourth was in mortal danger. France writes 3 that dogs were found to be poisoned. Many meatballs are found on the road with anti-fat pellets added. It is highly toxic to dogs and cats, among others.

dead within 15 minutes

After the incident, the organization immediately began looking for more meatballs to prevent more animals from being poisoned. The three dead dogs died 10 to 15 minutes after eating the balls. The fourth dog, who is in mortal danger, is said to have smelled nothing but the vomit of dead animals.

The French Dog Sport Federation has lodged a complaint and the public prosecutor’s office in NĂ®mes is investigating cases of poisoning. An autopsy will be performed on the dead dogs. At the site, all animal lovers were shocked.

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