December 9, 2022

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'Dreams are deceiving' writer Leo Driessen: 'It's a shame how Marco Borsato has been treated'

‘Dreams are deceiving’ writer Leo Driessen: ‘It’s a shame how Marco Borsato has been treated’

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Football commentator and songwriter Leo Driessen believes that Marco Borsato, for whom he wrote countless songs, was treated very harshly. He calls it “disgraceful” that the singer has already been defamed without proving anything.

source: telegraph

“We live in an awake world, right. It’s okay, you know, you people outside of society kicks Before their conviction, Driessen, 67, says in the Dutch daily The password. “I think it’s terrible that we no longer give each other any space and people are no longer allowed to make mistakes.”

Borsato has been under fire since the end of last year over allegations of sexually abusive behaviour. A 22-year-old woman reported “raunchy touching” by the singer. In January, some candidates and former employees were charged Holland sound Unwanted touches artist. Investigate current events.


“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, people say about the relationship with Marco, but it’s a very sensitive issue,” says Driessen. “It could just be someone who wants revenge. I don’t know, no one knows. But everyone made fun of him. Scandal. We don’t have patience anymore.”

In the early years of Borsato’s career, Driessen wrote hits such as dreams are liesAnd the why you And the Margarita.

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