February 5, 2023

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Dries Mertens wants to give half wages to stay in Naples

Dries Mertens wants to give half wages to stay in Naples

A week before the expiration of his contract in Naples, Dries Mertens (35) is waiting for a new club. The Red Devil prefers to stay with the SSC Napoli and is ready to hand over half of his wages. This equates to about 2.5 million euros per year.

Dries Mertens referred to his love for Campania and Naples by the first name alone of his newborn son Ciro. Ciro is a popular Napoli name and also the nickname of Napoli fans for their Belgian striker. Mertens played for the club for nine years and ousted Diego Maradona, among others, to become the club’s all-time leading scorer. The 35-year-old Mertens’ adventure appears to be gradually coming to an end, his contract expires on June 30 and the Leuven resident has yet to receive an offer from the club to extend it under modified circumstances.

Because he still wanted to stay with his family in Naples, Mertens made a proposal himself. He wants to hand over half of his salary, estimated at 5 million euros a year. There has been no counter proposal from Napoli yet. Mertens could examine other proposals to try to win a deal in Napoli.

Earlier, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis made it clear that Mertens “has to choose between money and the good life”. It seemed to indicate that the door in Naples was still open. But the Neapolitans are in no hurry. Precisely because they know Mertens wants to stay, they can push potential negotiations beyond the June 30 border.

Even in the event of disagreement with Napoli, it does not appear that a return to Belgium immediately does not appear to be a problem. Antwerp looked at his file, but focused on another demon in his thirties, Toby Alderweireld. Other clubs lack the necessary funds or prefer not to invest in players who cannot be resold at an added value.

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The Red Devil himself wants to continue playing at the highest level possible so as not to jeopardize his chances of playing in the Qatar World Cup in November.