March 29, 2023

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Drop the judicial investigation into the misconduct of the organization behind Pukkelpop

Drop the judicial investigation into the misconduct of the organization behind Pukkelpop

A criminal investigation into possible misconduct in the legal persons behind Pukkelpop has been postponed. “After a thorough and thorough investigation, it was not possible to prove that crimes had been committed,” says press judge Doreen Vanderheiden of the Limburg Prosecutor’s Office.

The Limburg Public Prosecutor had opened an investigation after the satirical website shieldt Suggested embezzlement and conflict of interest.

In this article, major question marks were raised about the finances of The Factory, the organization with which Shukri organizes the benefactors of the Pukkelpop. It started as a non-profit organization, but turned into a private limited company – an ordinary trading company. In the years preceding this transformation, the plant made a financial reserve of 7.7 million euros. This amount can only be spent on social issues. Despite this limitation, “unavailable reserves” have fallen to 3.99 million euros, or 3.7 million euros less, according to the latest annual report.

Whether this amount actually went to social reasons, as required by law, is not mentioned in the annual accounts. Location shieldt She thought she knew the money was used to cover the loss of the Pukkelpop 2020 release, which was canceled due to Corona.

Another accusation in the article is the plant’s association with Que Pasa? It is a company registered in the name of Mahasin’s wife. This is the festival resource but shieldt He questioned the money flows between the two companies and hinted at a conflict of interest here.

In recent months, the judicial police were investigating whether there were any irregularities. The financial investigation was recently completed and no crimes were proven.

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