November 29, 2022

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Drowner’s Tulip Boulder Pink was christened

Baptism of Boulder Pink. Photo: Dronten gives you space

Dronten has its own lavender. On Saturday, April 23, Polder Pink was ceremonially christened and introduced to residents and the press. The name was coined by Judith Versluis, winner of the competition organized by Dronten Marketing in 2021. She was allowed to officially christen the tulip in the center of Dronten.

With the official christening in the field at De Kop van het Ruim, Dronten has had his own tulip since 11 a.m. on April 23. In the presence of Deputy Mayor Ton van Amerongen, initiators Dronten Gives You De Ruimte, Tulip Route Flevoland and farmer Triflor, winner Judith Verslos christened Tulip Polder Pink.

Special tulips for our colorful area

‘It’s a festive and proud moment for two Dronten,’ says Josje Waagmeester, marketer of Dronten Gives You De Ruimte. After baptism, bunches of tulips were distributed. Passers-by were given a handful for themselves and one set to give to someone else. Shared joy is double joy after all.

During the christening, Deputy Mayor Van Amerungen spoke about the importance of tulips to the municipality of Dronter. Tulip production is a growing sector in Dronten. Agriculture makes the countryside more attractive to tourists and vacationers. In this sector, she sees innovation and sustainability playing an increasingly important role. Innovation means that more and more can be produced with less water and raw materials.

strong name

Last year, Dronten gave you space, in collaboration with Triflor, tulip growers Triflor and Tulip Route Flevoland, and organized the “Dronten, Give Tulips a Name” competition. The name must meet a number of criteria, including international and critical appeal and a name that stands for the space you are experiencing in Dronten. From the entries, a jury of experts chose Polder Pink, the powerful motif of Judith Versluis.

Versailles won flowers for six months and was now allowed to baptize tulips. How did you come up with the name? Pink is a cheerful, bright and eye-catching color, and the strong name is part of that. Pink is also a girl’s name and means “healthy”. Strong, clear, cheerful, healthy: Boulder Pink says it all. Verslus says.

Tulip fields in bloom

The tulip fields on the outskirts of Dronten bloom every spring. Beautiful scenery and a real tourist attraction. “We can be very proud of our lavender fields,” says Waagmeester van Dronten. By developing our tulips, we want to make everyone more aware of the local beauty. With today’s baptism, we are literally showing that beauty and pride. Boulder Pink is one of the many beautiful faces in Dronten.

Hermann Vermeer, present on behalf of the Flevoland Tulip, emphasized: “Now is the time to visit the tulip fields, the apple and pear trees are now in bloom beautifully. The blooms give the color of the outdoor area. There are many activities you can do along the way. The tulips bloom now about 75%.So don’t wait too long, just go out to the fields next week.In a few days the first tulips will be ready for harvesting and the other tulips fields will be in bloom.

Tulip road and lucky breaks

In addition to baptism, there is more tulip fun this year. Like the Flevoland Tulip Road. As in previous years, the organization mapped bike and car paths along the abundantly blossoming tulip fields. More information can be found at

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