March 23, 2023

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Dutch Agriculture Minister Stagware resigns

Dutch Agriculture Minister Stagware resigns

Dutch Agriculture Minister Henk Stäger has resigned. He considers himself “not the right man” for his job.

The Christian Union minister is the first minister in Rota’s fourth government to resign. The King has now given the resignation. Poverty Policy Minister Carola Skoten will temporarily take over Staguerre’s duties. Schouten was the Minister of Agriculture in the previous government.

“I asked myself if I was the right person to lead the major tasks ahead of us,” the minister said in a brief explanation of his resignation. “I came to the conclusion last weekend that I’m not that person.”

Stagouwer was in disrepair for some time with the Lower House, the lower house of the Dutch parliament. On the day the much-discussed “nitrogen map” was published, the minister came up with no concrete measures to give farmers a perspective on the future.

On Monday, Stagoire announced that the proposals, which the House of Representatives demanded for Budget Day (the day Parliament meets again after the recess and is informed of budget proposals), will take longer. Staguerre wanted to wait for the nitrogen talks between farmers and the government led by the right-wing liberal Johann Remix.

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