March 25, 2023

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Dutch PM announces stricter measures at press conference, police fear new appearances and riots abroad

Dutch PM announces stricter measures at press conference, police fear new appearances and riots abroad

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will announce additional measures in the fight against the Corona virus at a press conference this evening. There will be a so-called ‘evening closure’: Food, culture and non-essential stores must close at 5pm. The police are taking into account the sudden demonstrations, disturbances and possible riots this evening. The municipality of The Hague is calling on people to stay away from the press conference, and a “security risk zone” has been designated in Amsterdam.

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The Dutch government announced, on Friday evening, new measures to reduce the number of corona infections and reduce health care. Various things will have to close from 5pm in the coming period, ANP news agency confirmed after NOS was informed. Hence, the government is imposing a so-called ‘evening shutdown’, on the advice of experts.

In addition to catering establishments, non-essential stores (such as clothing and furniture stores), theaters, cinemas and transportation sites such as museums and amateur sports clubs will also have to close from Sunday between 5 pm and 5 am.

In previous Corona press conferences, unrest broke out outside. On the Turfmarkt, the street where the Ministry of Justice and the Interior are located, opponents of Corona’s restrictions threw stones and fireworks at police.

In a joint press release, police unions wrote that the force had “enhanced its deployable strength in the coming days.” A National Police spokesperson confirmed that the Mobile Unit (ME) is fully deployable this weekend. Demonstrations and possibly riots are expected across the country after the press conference, which announced stricter measures for Corona.

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an emergency

The municipality of The Hague has issued an emergency order to the city centre. The municipality stated on Twitter that people who appear outside to cause disturbances or disturb public order, and who do not stay away from this area, can be arrested.

The municipality said that no demonstrations were recorded around the Friday evening press conference. This was not the case with previous riots. For this reason, the police are “visually present in various places in the center” on Friday.

Security risk area

The mayor of Amsterdam, Fimka Halsema, has designated the area around Amsterdam’s Mercator Plain as a safety hazard area as of 6pm. This means that every person in the area can be searched proactively. The reason for this is the reports received by the police that people are looking for disturbances in and around the square on Friday evening. “This is in line with the expectation of possible unrest in the rest of the country,” the municipality said. Amsterdam police say they are prepared for different scenarios.


Last weekend was a violent weekend for Dutch police. Friday night is getting tough Riots in RotterdamIn protest of the Corona measures. On Saturday, things got worse in several places in the country. The hands of the police were full of young people who gathered and lit fireworks, causing unrest.

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