February 6, 2023

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Dutch prefab Wikkelhouse made of cardboard and wood from €40.000

Dutch prefab Wikkelhouse made of cardboard and wood from €40.000

Madrid – We regularly write about prefab homes and tiny houses in Spain because there is so much demand and interest. These types of homes are becoming increasingly popular as a second vacation home, as a first home, as additional guest accommodations, or as office space in the garden. Sometimes you can’t beat the prices, like the Dutch-produced Wikkelhouse model made of wood and cardboard. This house is for sale from €40.000 (VAT).

Wikkelhouse describes itself as a “smart home with big plans” and can be used as a vacation home, additional guest house, office space or why not a second home in Spain. According to the site, wrap the house Friendly Scandinavian design with perfect finishing and the house is made from nearly 100% biodegradable sustainable materials.

Wikkelhouse is not always a turnkey house but it can be adapted and expanded to your heart’s content, consisting of sections 1.2m deep, 4.6m wide and 3.5m high. They can be easily attached to each other and also detached if needed. If you need more space, add one or two sections and your prefab house will be 2.4m taller. The bathroom, shower and kitchen are added through the segments of the house.

wrap the house Made of sustainable wood and cardboard. The structure and the interior are made of wood with linen on the outside as insulation to prevent noise, as well as cold and heat. The house is then ‘wrapped’ with corrugated board as this makes the prefab house more robust, after which the house is finished with pine boards. Cardboard is also more durable than wood and lighter in weight. Of course you can also install solar panels on the roof. Thanks to the light construction materials, each piece weighs only 600 kilograms, less than the weight of a car. Thanks to the parts, the Wikkelhouse can be placed anywhere, perhaps without a foundation.

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Wikkelhouse has been in the Netherlands since 2016 and you may have come across one. There are packing houses in Texel, Gorsel, Apeldoorn and Norden. If you want to “test” the Wikkelhouse first, you can always book an overnight stay since there are Wikkelhouse holiday addresses in Ouddorp, such as Wikkelboat in Rotterdam and Relax at The Unbound in Amsterdam. All information can be found at Dutch site and watch over here Lots of photos on the Facebook page.

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