December 7, 2023

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E Ink obtains the first certification of "real paper only"

E Ink obtains the first certification of “real paper only”

Taiwan’s E Ink is the first company to be certified for electronic paper that has all the characteristics of “plain paper”. This is an introduction to the massive deployment of digital screens with the Internet, but without a plug.

This is the result Certificate from TUV Rheinland. Last weekend, the German organization, whose work has been recognized worldwide, released the news electronic ink a favour.

The two parties have worked together for two years on the question of what properties a “real digital paper only” should correspond to. To this end, they developed a so-called Paper Similarity Index (PSI) based on the scientific literature. This is a well-established standard.

For its new Kaleido™ Plus technology, E Ink scored 86 points on a hundredth scale. Sufficient to receive the German hallmark.

In practice, this means that there will be screens with 16 shades of gray and 4,096 colours. They can be used for reading, picture books, maps, photos and paintings, but also for advertising and signage, for example.

E-paper is known mainly in the consumer market as a carrier of e-books, but also as a display with price information in supermarkets. The advantage of these types of digital screens is that they hardly consume any power and the displayed messages can be refreshed from a central point.

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