July 24, 2024

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€9 mascara and one €3 (!) mascara from Kruidvat lauded on social media: ‘Very good’ |  fashion beauty

€9 mascara and one €3 (!) mascara from Kruidvat lauded on social media: ‘Very good’ | fashion beauty

The viral trend on social media has already spread in our country. Theme: Two mascaras. One by Essence, available at Kruidvat, and one by Covergirl flies over the counters at lightning speed. the secret? Its price along with its amazing quality.

Mascara that clumps and makes you look more like Emperor Kuzco’s Yzma than Snow White: Nobody wants it, right? But paying fifty euros for a successful false eyelash effect is also a good idea. Fortunately, women on social media have found a clever solution to that. These two mascaras are super cheap and irresistible twig eyes.

This is the method used by the file ‘Covergirl Exhibitionist Stretches & StrengthensThe highly acclaimed mascara. It lengthens lashes—according to Covergirl herself by up to 60 percent—and doesn’t clump or smudge. In addition, mascara will be made to strengthen your eyelashes: the peptides, biotin and vitamin B5 present in your eyelashes will ensure that they break less quickly. And all this for only nine euros. In addition to mascara Cruelty Free (Animals were not abused in its creation, ed.)..

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The Essence I Love Extreme Mascara Cheaper: you can buy it at Kruidvat for less than three euros. It doesn’t fix your eyelashes, but it makes them—if we’re to believe TikTokkers—very long and full, without clumps. Just like wearing a pair of false eyelashes.

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And the message also clearly reached our country, because I Love Extreme mascara was unfortunately sold out in many Kruidvat branches. You can still order it online.

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By the way, there are more mascaras that work very well despite their modest price. You can read here the following: our Beauty editor Sophie tested the mascara from €1.39 to nearly 50 copies.

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