July 24, 2024

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EA announces free seasons for F1 24 with exclusive challenges and rewards

EA announces free seasons for F1 24 with exclusive challenges and rewards

Racing simulation game F1 24 was released one month ago, and now publisher Electronic Arts and developer Codemasters are announcing their post-launch live service plans.

F1 24 will receive multiple seasons of free content celebrating the past, present and future of the beloved sport. Each season will have its own theme and challenges inspired by the current 2024 season and the rich history of Formula 1. Players can expect new race scenarios, Career and Pro Challenges, and an updated Podium Pass.

The first season is called Modern Day Heroes. This brings challenges inspired by two of the best drivers in the sport. Players can unlock rewards throughout the season such as livers, race outfits, platform emotes, and more. Players can begin the Charles Leclerc Challenge Career until June 28. These are four rings with unique races. In July this will be replaced by the Aston Martin Series of events starring Fernando Alonso.

“We’ve expanded our live service and now offer our players even more ways to dive into the world of Formula 1. We reflect on the successes of modern drivers and look back at moments that have achieved legendary status. We want to enrich the gaming experience and keep it exciting,” says Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters. Formula 1 is alive all year round.”

F1 24 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series S and PC via the EA App, Epic Games Store and Steam. Then read our comprehensive review here.

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You can buy F1 24 here.