October 1, 2022

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EA Sports' Last Dance

EA Sports’ Last Dance

It’s actually the least surprising preview of the year. After all, you know what to expect from the game. All FIFA is somewhat the predecessor plus some gameplay tweaks, some tweaks to different game modes, and if EA is in a crazy mood, maybe a new part. We also expect to see this pattern at FIFA 23. JJ, with whom the game largely flows through his veins, LG is taking care of the preview. The rest is done with the franchise with the arrival of FUT and especially due to minor changes. Is JJ still excited? Does he see new things? Or is it really Part 22 with a layer of varnish? You will see and hear the answer in FIFA 23 preview.

Is FIFA 23 Part 22 a layer of varnish?

The text title does not match JJ’s wish to not play FIFA anymore. It refers to the fact that the game will be renamed from next year. EA Sports FC. A terrible name for us, but we understand the desire to get out of the grip of FIFA. We’re also very curious about how this affects the game itself. Will this be the moment when so much has changed? Or is this really the case?

Is the game all about more than just FUT?

JJ absorbed all the information that was available. Having played a role or 12 religious, he can easily conclude from this what we can expect later. Besides, they can make everything as beautiful as it is, but once the game is over and players are online, you don’t know all the new parts that are unloaded and what the balance is. We also know if all attention has been given again to FUT or if other modes have also been considered.

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