December 1, 2022

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Eddie Merckx on Remco Evenpoel's world title: "Yes, that's Merxian" |  cycling world championship

Eddie Merckx on Remco Evenpoel’s world title: “Yes, that’s Merxian” | cycling world championship

Eddie Merckx was on the edge of his seat this morning. 77-year-old Kanibal backed Remko Evenpoel at home, who won the world title with a major show of strength.

“I got up very early this morning to watch the World Cup on TV, because of course I was hoping that a Belgian would win,” Merckx said on Radio 1.

“When the group disappeared with Remco Evenepoel, you could assume that Remco was the best in that group and that he would win the race. You saw him control the race. You knew he was going to accelerate and he would arrive on his own.”

“What do I think? He’s very strong. He uses Volta’s good condition. If you come out of a race on stage really well and have to go to the World Cup, you’ve no doubt had an advantage. Remco did really well last week in time for the trial and then had a week to recover.” More for road racing.”

Merckx won the World Cup for the first time when he was 22, just like Evenepoel. The comparison is clear.

“I know what it means to be a world champion at such a young age. This is a dream come true. Am I going back in my time? No, I don’t think about my time anymore (laughs). Don’t compare generations. What Remco is doing now is great to see.”

“I would call this achievement Merckxian, yes. If you win Liège-Bastogne-Liège, San Sebastian, Vuelta, and the World Cup in one year, the term is appropriate. There are few who have done this with Remco. What Remco delivered this year Very exceptional.”

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“With the rainbow shirt, there will be more now at Remco. There will be more pressure on him, but I think it will do the shirt justice. He’s well-knit and has a strong team around him.”

Sporza analyst Jan Bakelants believes Evenepoel should ride the Tour de France in 2023, “because Remco is 100% ready for it.” What does Eddie Merckx think?

“Remco has to decide that for himself. I can’t advise him. He has enough people around him who can advise him. If Remco goes to the Tour next year, we will support him next year. If it’s later, later.” Anyway: Congratulations to Ramko for this world title!