May 19, 2022

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Eddie Whale costumes from "Pieces of People" Under the Hammer for War Victims of Ukraine |  Ukraine 12-12

Eddie Whale costumes from “Pieces of People” Under the Hammer for War Victims of Ukraine | Ukraine 12-12

my earthquakesArt dealer Yves Chong, 40, designed by Pellegrini in Herentals, has auctioned Eddie Whalley’s costumes from Marina Whalley on Four Pieces People. Proceeds go to war victims of Ukraine.

Yves Chung bought three costumes from Eddy Wally’s glory years during the Vier-program Pieces of People. Chung paid 2,500 euros to Eddie’s daughter Marina Whale. Donate money for the rehabilitation project of AZ Maria Middelares Hospital in Ghent. But it doesn’t stop there, the clothes have been auctioned again. This time for the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Marina Wally loves it. “When I was called to ask if it could be resold at auction, I couldn’t believe my luck. Now the costumes are raising money for charity twice. My dad would have loved this so much.”

Marina hopes to bring at least as many clothes as she brings during Piece of People. “I have already shared the auction site link on my social media. Now it is up to Eddie Whale fans to show their big heart.”

You can bid until Tuesday 9pm via this link

Marina Wally through pieces of people © For

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